Buy Vivah evam Dampatya Sukh. Vivah evam Dampatya Sukh price in delhi, india.

Buy Vivah evam Dampatya Sukh. Vivah evam Dampatya Sukh price in delhi, india. Best Seller Book written by Top Best Astrologer Dr R B Dhawan. Also Published Aap ka Bhavishya, monthly hindi astrological magazine, Guruji ke totke, Guruji ki saadhnayen, Kaise badlen bhagya, Parashar sutra, Bhrigu sanhita and many more Best Seller Books.

Vivah evam Dampatya Sukh

Vivah evam Dampatya Sukh

Price of Vivah evam Dampatya Sukh Rs.300

Writer Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)

Publisher Shukracharya

Language Hindi

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Introduction : "Vivah Yog Evam Dampatya Sukh" This book can help you for a happy married life.

Description :

Vivah Yog Evam Dampatya Sukh

Married Life Astro Yog- If you facing any problem in your married life due to the bad influence of planets, Lal Kitab Astro Upaya for happy married life can help you. Lal Kitab is said to the best married life Upaya book that contains some unbeatable and proved solutions and remedies to make love with your spouse and make your married life happy. Happiness lies in the moment. It is sad that people get sad because of losses in the business or they are not happily married. People are facing problems every day, but astrology has a solution to all your problems. For a happy married life, you can trust remedies from Lal Kitab.

Upaya for Happy Married Life-
1. Put some turmeric powder to the bathing water and put a Tilak on the forehead with Kesar. This is applicable for both male and female.
2. Female should wear new clothes when marriage proposal come. Female should wear yellow clothes on Thursday and whites on Friday. This can be done by both male and female. This Upaya has to be started from first Thursday of Waxing moon. For this Upaya, you should take five different sweets with one green cardamom and take one pure Desi Ghee Diya and offer it to a banana tree. First of all offer water to banana tree and then offer sweets and green cardamom and then lit pure Desi Ghee lamp and pray for your marriage.
3. Those who are facing obstacles in marriage, they should offer green grass to a cow and give some money to Kinnars especially on Wednesday.
4. Praying to Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati regularly and offering raw milk, Bel Patra, rice grains, Sindoor to them can get you the desired match. Offer Red Chunni, red bangles and Sindoor to Maa Parvati.
5. Males and Females of marriageable age should put little Mehandi meant for bride or groom for the desired outcomes.
6. Put off the shoes while entering the room of marriage negotiation if you are facing hurdle in the finalization of the marriage.
7. Female should fast for 16 consecutive Mondays of Sawan and offer Ganges or normal water in a Shiva temple. Repeat the mantra "Abhimantrit Narmadeshwar Shiv linga" and do regular Abhishek with normal water or milk. According to the best health Upaya book, Marriage dissatisfaction can happen due to the planet Mars, Mercury, and Moon. Moon-Makes it hard to connect to ones spouse emotionally. Mars-causes misunderstandings, anger, and lifestyle issues. Both Moon and Mars create misconceptions and bring disputes between the couple.
As an Upaya, donate some sweets on a Tuesday. If problem is serious, go barefoot to donate the sweets. If problems are becoming intolerable, then start worshipping girls who are younger than 9 years old on every Saptmi, Ashtami, and Navmi of the month. These dates occur twice in a month, so the worshipping needs to be done twice.

How to perform the worship:- offer the children some food, touch their feet, put 2 Laung in a Paan leaf and give it to them. They may or may not eat the betel with cloves, its up to them - you just have to give it to them.

Upaya for each Lagna (ascendant)-
Mesha and Kanya Worship of Goddess Maha Lakshmi is best for reducing marital tensions.

Rishabha and Simha- Repeating of "Vishnu Sahasranaman" will be helpful.

Mithuna- Praying to Goddess Parvathi will be ideal for reducing marriage related problems.

Kataka- "Aditya Hridyam" will help the couple to live peacefully.

Vrishika- Prayers to "Dakshinamoorthy" will bring in peace in married life.

Dhanu and Makara- Prayers to Hanuman will be helpful in strengthening the marriage.

Meena and Thula- Prayers to mars will be helpful. Above explained are some problems and solutions related to the marriage and the best married life Upaya. Never forget to consult a good Jyothishi before applying the above Upayas.

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