Buy Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket (Silver). Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket (Silver) price in delhi, india.

Buy Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket (Silver). Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket (Silver) price in delhi, india. All mukhi Rudraksha, (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, Ganesh Rudraksh, Gauri Shankar), Sphatik Samagri, Parad Samagri, Shankh, Jap Mala, Gold polished Yantra, Bhojpatra Yantra, Pooja Samagri, Luckystone, Navratna ornaments etc, all types of Astrological Products are available.

Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket (Silver)

Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket (Silver)

Price of Panchamukhi Hanuman Yantra Locket (Silver): Rs.750

In Stock : Yes

Size : 25 mm
Weight : Aprox 5 Gram Silver

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Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra should be worn for getting blessed with Courage and Power. This Yantra makes the wearer successful by showering its positive energy on the wearer and makes him more Intelligent and Creativity.

Buying Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra gives the blessings of the Lord Shiva to the wearer as Hanuman is a form of lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the god of Courage, Wisdom, Knowledge and Creativity. Wearing this locket helps in inculcating all the qualities of the locket in the wearer.

As per the Epic Ramayana, Lord Hanuman was blessed by Sita as the god of all kinds of wealth & happiness in once life. Hence, any person who wears this locket gets the power of Lord Hanuman. If one will wear the locket with full faith and dedication he will get the energy of the locket and will get popularity, intelligence, Courage, Peace & Prosperity.

The Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra keeps the negative energy from the wearer and is helpful in reducing the negative energy of any type. This locket protects the wearer and at the same time, it also keeps away any type of Black Magic, Evil Eye and other type of Fear & Phobias.

A Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra is a powerful Yantra and it protects the wearer from the all evils and dangers and showers him with the blessings of lord Hanuman there by giving the wearer Strength, Courage and Wisdom.

The wearers of this locket remain untouched by the negative influence of the planet Saturn and get the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman also blesses the wearer of this locket with happy, positive and healthy life. You can buy Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra online easily and get delivered at your home anytime.

Beej Mantra: Om Hanumate Namah

Benefits of Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra:

  • Panchmukhi Yantra Locket increases the positive energy in the life of wearer and removes the repetitive hurdle to make the life smooth and happy.
  • This Locket helps in reducing the negative influence of the malefic planets on the Kundli of the wearer.
  • Buying this locket helps in keeping the wearer away from all types of health problems.
  • This locket makes you the wearer courageous enough to face the difficult situation and take good decisions.
  • This locket will help you in gaining the divine energy that helps in completing the ambition of the wearer.
  • Wearing this locket is equivalent to Hanuman Puja because of the association of this locket with the lord hanuman.
  • This Locket contains lot of positive energy that even can help in attaining Moksha and helps in travelling on the path of salvation.

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