Buy Vaastu Sutra. Vaastu Sutra price in delhi, india.

Buy Vaastu Sutra. Vaastu Sutra price in delhi, india. Best Seller Book written by Top Best Astrologer Dr R B Dhawan. Also Published Aap ka Bhavishya, monthly hindi astrological magazine, Guruji ke totke, Guruji ki saadhnayen, Kaise badlen bhagya, Parashar sutra, Bhrigu sanhita and many more Best Seller Books.

Vaastu Sutra

Vaastu Sutra

Price of Vaastu Sutra Rs.250

Writer Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)

Publisher Shukracharya

Language Hindi

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Introduction : Vaastu Upaya for some important factors of good life, "Vaastu Sutra" is a Top Rated & Best Book.

Description :

Vaastu Sutra

Vaastu Sutra and Astro Upaya- Our daily life hurdles can somehow be related to Vaastu Shastra used in our homes. It could be anything starting from the colour of our house to our pooja place, placement of kitchen or bathroom. According to some of the best Vaastu Upaya books, Vaastu uplifts the person when it is blended with the planetary influences in ones Kundli.

VAASTU - This is both preventive and curative therapy for solving the problems in physical and spiritual arrangements. This is applied by successful professionals as well. This is practiced through the use of proper map of any creation to attract positive energies.

Important principles of Vaastu from the best Vaastu Upaya book:-

1. The houses facing south and north should better be avoided. The place of meditation should be in the north east direction
2. Bedrooms in should be in south and south west
3. Childrens study should be in north
4. Kitchen should be in south east
5. Stairs should be in south-west
6. Heavy structures in the house should be in south-west
7. Sleep with head in east, or south or south west directions
8. The central place of the residential unit should be empty
9. Openings should be in east and west and also in south direction
10. Opening only in south direction creates conflicts and diseases while the openings only in north direction stops family prosperity and sometimes even continuity. Opening only in the west direction brings poverty.
11. The place should be properly lit and pastel colours of functional benefit planets should be used on the walls.
12. The furnishings should be mostly plain or with very little flowery designs. In any case the patterns and designs on the fabric should be simple

Vaastu Tip from the best Vaastu Upaya book -Vaastu Tip from the best Vaastu Upaya book for getting rich If one wants to get inflow of money and wealth in his house; he can get help of Vaastu tip. For example, never build a swimming pool or water body at a level lower than the normal ground level in the South-West corner of a home, office or any other building. If one wants to gain money, one can follow this tip. One can also search for the other tips available in some the best Vaastu Upaya book available in the market.

Vaastu for good job and career Career is one of the most important things in once life. People that are facing hurdles in shaping up their career can go for some unbeatable Vaastu tips that can give them sure shot success when done properly.

For example- For example, one should not sit under the beam of a house if you want to do well in career. Some other similar Upayas are never sit crossed legged, Avoid circular or oval furniture at workplace, Avoid metal or plastic furniture, Avoid Noisy offices and many more.

Vaastu Upaya for good health - For good health, it is important that fire elements in the house should be in good balance. If the house is south-facing or if the generator faces northeast and if the underground water tank is in the south-east region, health problems will be common. Light a candle in southeast direction for good health. These are some examples of Vaastu related Astro Upayas for good health. There are many more similar Upayas that can be performed after consulting a good Jyotishi.

Vaastu Upaya for peaceful marriage- Sleep in South-West or South bedroom. Paint the bedroom with light and soothing colours. Use single mattress on bed; prefer using a single quilt. A wooden bed is recommended as per Vaastu Shastra. Buy square or rectangular bed (length to breadth ratio is max. 1:2).You can keep fresh flowers in the bedroom; make sure to change them often. Keep the North-East part of your home clean and clutter free. These are some Vaastu Upaya for peaceful marriage. One should not apply these without consulting a good Jyotishi.
Above explained is Vaastu Upaya for some important factors of good life. If you want the best results or outcome of any Vaastu tip, always consult the best Vaastu Upaya book available in the market.

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