Buy Mangal Yantra Locket (Silver). Mangal Yantra Locket (Silver) price in delhi, india.

Buy Mangal Yantra Locket (Silver). Mangal Yantra Locket (Silver) price in delhi, india. All mukhi Rudraksha, (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, Ganesh Rudraksh, Gauri Shankar), Sphatik Samagri, Parad Samagri, Shankh, Jap Mala, Gold polished Yantra, Bhojpatra Yantra, Pooja Samagri, Luckystone, Navratna ornaments etc, all types of Astrological Products are available.

Mangal Yantra Locket (Silver)

Mangal Yantra Locket (Silver)

Price of Mangal Yantra Locket (Silver): Rs.750

In Stock : Yes

Size : 25 mm
Weight : 5gm Silver (Approx)
Weight per Unit : 5 gram

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Mangal Yantra Locket Mangal Silver Yantra Locket is helpful in attracting positive energies from the planet Mars. It is also helpful in reducing the negative impact of mars on anyone’s Kundli.

If you are interested, you can buy Mangal Yantra Locket online very easily. Mars is very important part of our Kundli. It is one of the important planets in any ones Kundli.

According to astrology Mars is related to strength, handwork, bravery and brother-sister and if the Mars is weak in the horoscope then this is how it affects a person: - Debt, Anger issues, blood pressure, danger of getting in an accident in females the problems of menstruation and pregnancy and if the weak mars has its eyes on the seventh house then quarrel with your life partner and sour relationship with brother or sisters.

So, in that case, one has to do a warship in one of the following days: - Tuesday of the ‘Shukla Paksha’ or an any auspicious day and wear the Mar’s Yantra yantra Locket (for best results, it is worshipped first and then delivered) and by wearing this, the person will feel release of anger, control in bold pressure and chances of accident get erased.

The situation of debt and relation with spouse gets normal. Also, females feel a control in their menstruation and pregnancy issues. Relation with brother a sisters also gets better. But by buying Mangal Silver Yantra Locket you can reduce the negative impact of mars on your Kundli. By just paying a nominal price for a Mangal Silver Yantra Locket, you can get live a normal life.

Benefits of the Mangal Yantra Locket are:

  • Mangal Yantra Locket enhances power of your brain and increases its power.
  • It helps in reducing the negative energies around you that has been accumulated because of your past deeds.
  • This pendant is the most recommended to improve your marital relationship.
  • Buying Mangal Yantra Locket helps in attracting good in business like export-import, agriculture, salt, and pharmacy, etc.
  • This Yantra Locket is very useful in improving relationship with your friend and earns you the desired respect and love.

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