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Guruji Ke Totke

Guruji Ke Totke Best Seller Book., best seller astrology book

Price of Guruji Ke Totke : Rs. 300

Writer : Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)
Publisher : Shukracharya Prakashan
Language : Hindi

Introduction : Guruji Ke Totke is a Top Rated & Best Seller Book.
Description :

Guruji ke totke

Guruji ke Totke is one of the Best Selling Book for Upayas and totke from last 9 years in row with very high demand in public. It is an important book for simple home remedies(upayas). This book explains around 1500 "Totke" for daily life problems in a simple language. This book provides "Totkes" that were never revealed before for the betterment of Society. You can also rectify your daily life hurdles with these effective and harmless Totkes.

Currently it is in its 6th Edition Published in 2015 with Contents More enriched in service of people by integrating more totke by Top Astrologer Guruji Dr R.B.Dhawan.

Guruji ke Totke book is Available in HardBound Form and Beautiful Shiny collectable Red Colored Cover.

It contains Topic wise Divided Content so that the reader can easily fnd the relevant upayas and totke as per their faced problem.

Various day to day life and simple totke are categorized and listed on life problems like:

1. dhan labh ke totke, laxmi prapti ke totke
2. sukh samriddhi prapt karne ke totke
3. aarthik sankat nivaran ke totke
4. karya safalta ke upaya va totke
5. vyapaar vriddhi ke totke
6. rin mukti ke totke, karj nivaran ke totke
7. vivah baadha nivaran ke totke
8. santaan sukh baadha nivaran ke totke
9. grah kasht nivaran totke
10. shabar mantro dwara totke.
11. and many others

Get a Preview of what Bestseller Guruji Ke Totke upaya Book contains >> Demo of Bestseller Book Guruji ke totke is available on http://www.gurujiketotke.com

Author Details:

Dr. R B Dhawan "Guruji" are a renowned Author of some of best selling books like; "Guruji Ke Totke","Rog evam Jyotish","Lal Kitab Yog Evam Upaya", who is awarded with "Jyotish Bhushan", "Ayurved Ratan" and many more Titles. He is the President of "Vedic Research and Educational Foundation" and is the Editor of "Aap ka Bhavishya" Magazine.

Dr. Dhawan is an expert in various streams of Vedic Sciences - Astrology, Spritual Councelor, Mantra Curator, Vastushastra, Palmistry, Numerology, Astronomy, etc. Thier organisaton is conducting regular, weekend, distance and online courses on Vedic Sciences.

He is a well known Scholar, Speaker and Lecturer of Vedic Sciences descipline. He has made some of the best known predictions about Celebrities, Politicians, Elections, etc. He has many TV appearence on News Channels like Zee News, IBN-7, News 24, P7 News, Live India, Voice of India and are Regular on Sadhana TV.

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Vaastu Sutra

, best seller astrology book

Price of Vaastu Sutra : Rs. 250

Writer : Dr. R. B. Dhawan (Guruji)
Publisher : Shukracharya Prakashan
Language : Hindi

Introduction :
Description :

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