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PutraJeeva Mala

PutraJeeva Mala

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Putra Jeeva Mala - Putrajeevak Beej (Putranjiva Roxburghii) is a seed of an evergreen tree that flower and fructifies in the months of March to May. Different plants of this medicinal tree are used for different purposes. For example, Bark of this tree is helpful in curing bites of venomous insects.

But the most popular use of this plant is the use of the seeds of this tree. Although, as name of Putrajiva mala Rosary indicates, a lot of people have full faith that consumption of Putrajeevak seeds ensure progeny or child.

Putrajivi Beej or Putrajeevak Seeds is the classical Ayurvedic name of this medicine, literal meaning of which is ‘Life Giver to Son’. But this Mala or its Beads has nothing to do with Sex Determination of Child. Here Putra in Putrajeeva is used for both baby girl and boy. Perhaps, this name was given due to supremacy given to the sons as compared to the daughters, in the patriotic Indian society. For Example, If someone has organized a ‘break the bread’ party, it does not mean that the host will offer only bread to you for eating, but he is asking you to join in the complete meal. Bread word is here being used because of the importance of bread in all food items. In the similar manner in the Southern states of India, where rice is main food, you are simply invited to have some rice, when actually it means you will be served a rich meal consisting of multiple curries, jam, pickles, salad etc. along with rice. The naming of Putrajivi Beej or Putrajeevak Seeds should be taken in the same spirit and should not be mistaken as discriminating between girl and boy child. We at Shukracharya Group also believe in Equality of Child for Girl or Boy, All are Iswar`s Santaans.

Benefits of Putrajeevak Beej

Putrajeevak Beej acts as uterine nectar and improves a lot, the health of organs of a female reproductive system. Buying Putrajeevak Beej when administrated according to Dosha helps in curing infertility in both female and male. It makes uterus capable of successful implantation and to continue the pregnancy and is really useful in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) or frequent abortions.

In men, it cures spermatogenesis and increases the count, so it is highly effective in the treatment of male infertility occurring due to Oligospermia, asthenospermia, and teratozoospermia.

Putrajeevak is totally safe for the most of individuals when taken as indicated, in an appropriate dosage and under professional supervision. It is the most effective for the patients that have Vata or Pitta Dosha aggravation and less suitable for people with increased Kapha Dosha.

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