Buy Kanakdhara Yantra Locket (Silver). Kanakdhara Yantra Locket (Silver) price in delhi, india.

Buy Kanakdhara Yantra Locket (Silver). Kanakdhara Yantra Locket (Silver) price in delhi, india. All mukhi Rudraksha, (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, Ganesh Rudraksh, Gauri Shankar), Sphatik Samagri, Parad Samagri, Shankh, Jap Mala, Gold polished Yantra, Bhojpatra Yantra, Pooja Samagri, Luckystone, Navratna ornaments etc, all types of Astrological Products are available.

Kanakdhara Yantra Locket (Silver)

Kanakdhara Yantra Locket (Silver)

Price of Kanakdhara Yantra Locket (Silver): Rs.750

In Stock : Yes

Size : 25 mm
Weight : Aprox 5 Gram Silver

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Shri Kanak Dhara Yantra Locket Kanakdhara Lakshmi Yantra should be worn a get the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi who goddess associated with the Wealth and prosperity. This Yantra locket is one of the most known Yantras for gaining profits in a Business and reduction of Debts, defeat and other similar problems.

If a person wears this locket with complete dedication and faith then he is supported by Ganesha who is said as a remover of Obstacles and Lakshmi who is the giver of Wealth & Prosperity.

The wearer of this locket is saved from all the Problems in his Business and blessed with a continuous flow of capital and cash in his Business. This locket is based on the principle that is famous from ancient times when great saint Aadi Shankaracharya applied it efficiently to eradicate the Poverty and problems of poor people at large.

Kanakdhara Siddhi is amongst the main and the famous Ashta Siddhis, known to ancient saints and astrologers and this locket is based on this principle. Hence by wearing this Yantra locket, a wearer acquires unlimited Wealth since it has the power to attract Wealth from other sources as well.

If you are thinking from where you can get this locket easily? You can compare Kuber Yantra locket price online and buy it for the best price that suits you. Buying Kuber Yantra Locket online can be really helpful if you want this locket really early and the locket will be delivered at your door step as per your convenience.

Beej Mantra: Om Vang Shreeng Vang Aing Hreeng Shreeng Kleeng Kanakdharayai Namah

Benefits of Kanak Dhara Yantra Locket

  • This locket showers the blessings of Lord Kuber that helps the wearer in getting immense wealth, prosperity and luck.
  • Wearer of this locket as per ancient Indian epic books that millionaires used this Yantra to become billionaires.
  • Wearing this locket is highly recommended if you are associated with the activities like gambling, horse racing, speculation etc.
  • Kanakdhara Yantra locket should keep near your heart for the best results.
  • You can quickly buy Kanak Dhara locket online.

Are you suffering with financial crisis? In this case this locket can help you make debt free with the blessings of Lord Kuber.

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